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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Update on our book and Hey FREE Genealogy Resources

If you are looking for a HUGE list of FREE resources for your genealogy hunt, you might want to check out the post I just made over at my new ancestry blog. 

Also please note that the same resources noted in that post are linked in my Drop Box at the top of both blogs.

View the free sites linked by clicking the attached linked post.

Now for the update on our ebook. Yipes! First off I want to apologize on the delays. We have had a couple of family members in serious health and a few situations arose. One of loved ones is finally at peace and has now gone to her eternal rest. She is deeply missed but knowing she is at peace puts us at peace. 
Currently I am nearing the final touches (FINALLY) of the revision for the book. Thank you for being so patient. It has been a trying year due to these family members health and struggle and unfortunately no one in the family is really stepping up to help us out. Sigh.. In the mean time I did a DNA send off and currently await the results and am hoping to get the hubby to do a DNA test pending the results of my test. This will be interesting. Also I have had seveal new hits pop in my lap prompting me to follow these leads on our Cones History. Providing the out come of each lead may delay the ebook a slight spell if it deems necessary to add the info.    

I promise you this is the year and we will have this book ready for download. If you have notifed us on this blog or with in email I will keep you updated here and post updates. Please be patient again I do apologize it has taken a little longer then expected. Thank you again for you patience.

As of now, We are back up and rolling and man they hunts we have been on in regards to updating and working on this book. My goodness the mysteries that have left us still scratching at the noggin. Oy! Hang in there folks we are about to embark on a HUGE mission in this Cones Mystery... Pray for some answer to come through on a few of the tips we are following right now... 



We are currently looking for any pictures of Samuel Joseph Cones SIBLINGS! We had a gentleman comment on our find a grave page and he never returned our messages. He noted he had an album of the siblings but not of Samuel. Since we have lost connection with him, we are looking for more sibling pictures. Our picture of Samuel Joseph Cones noted here within this post, IS in fact the one and only Samuel Joseph Cones who was born on March 11, 1797. This is a copy of the ORIGINAL picture given to us by a descendant who had a copy and unfortunately passed away last Christmas. So if ya have pictures, we are interested in talking.  Thanks in advance! 

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