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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Find A Grave Memorials

Due to FAG merging duplicated memorials - we are merging our memorials here to keep track of the updates. We understand their concern for duplicated memorials, however, when it is family requesting the rights to update the information with the accurate information on the memorials as well as requesting the rights to maintain their loved ones memorials and the person holding possession of the memorial is more concerned about his stats then the family of the deceased, so he denies the updates or transfers, well it is no wonder their are so many duplicated memorials.

So with all of the issues and fuss we are going to begin merging our memorials we hold possession of to this blog and our ancestrial blog. We are family to all of the memorials we hold and we will continue to update these memorials with the most accurate to our knowledge information that has been verified before updating. We do not care about stats to how many deceased memorials we hold. We care about our deceased loved ones no matter where they are related to us and we give them the respect they deserve as well as their families. 

So please be advised we are beginning the merging process over the next few weeks.

** Please note, we will always credit the original source on our blog. If there was an original bio in one of our memorials we will credit that bio author. If there is no bio author credited then the original bio was created by me. Thanks for your understanding. **

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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